Pediatric Dentistry: Why Little Teeth Are a Whole New Ball Game

If you have ever wondered why children have their own dentists, the reason is simple. Little teeth are a whole new ball game. Caring for children’s smiles sets the playing field for the adult teeth that will follow, and the oral hygiene practices they will maintain for many years to come. If you have been thinking about booking an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Henderson, NV, here are just a few of the many reasons you should follow through.

Beat the Fear

Did you know that up to 15 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist out of fear? That works out to be about 40 million Americans. This fear of dentists has become so prevalent that it is professionally known as dental anxiety or dental phobia.

Dentistry has come a long way, making the treatment process more comfortable and pain-free than it was even ten years ago. However, this has done little to stop dental phobia. A more effective way to potentially reduce this fear in adults is to make dentist appointments a commonplace aspect of childhood.

Catch Problems Early

Where adult teeth take their place largely depends on baby teeth. If teeth fall out or are extracted early, it can lead to misalignment as teeth lose the markers that should have guided them into the correct place which can, in turn, lead to the need for braces in the preteen or even adult years.

Parents who start a professional dental care routine early on can prevent this. The pediatric dentist will catch problems before they grow worse and refer children to an orthodontist if necessary. Simple solutions at an early onset will almost always cost less than fixing the aftermath years later.

Early Start on Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental care doesn’t happen overnight. It is a skill set that takes time to build and maintain. For many children, brushing their teeth is an unnecessary annoyance. It takes time to impress upon young minds the importance of investing in their health.

When children visit the dentist, they are often asked to answer important questions about their dental hygiene. Have they been brushing? How often? What about flossing? This helps to provide the subtle confirmation they may need to understand the importance of following through on these important habits.

Confidence Boost

Children are not often concerned about losing teeth or gaps in their smiles. The various forms of malocclusion typically don’t mean much of anything to them either. Even cavities only become a problem in their minds when it begins to hurt. However, as they approach their teen and adult years, this may change.

For most teens and adults, their smile is an expression and source of their confidence. As a result, having a healthy smile now becomes a priority. Better to get a head start on this while they are young than wait until teen insecurities begin to creep in to then tackle the issue. While teens with braces are a common sight, it is fair to assume that many would prefer to have beautiful smiles without it.

When it comes to caring for little teeth, the work really starts with educating young minds. Children do not always understand the importance of investing in the now, so they can appreciate the benefits later. Nor do they always understand how skipping out on important hygiene practices now may catch up to them later.

Pediatric Dentist in Henderson

With the help of our Henderson family dentistry practice, parents in and around the Las Vegas area may better teach children how to protect their smiles. Don’t wait until your child begins to show signs of cavities or complains of a toothache. Call Nevada Sun Dental today at 702-898-0800 or book your appointment online!

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