Top Reasons To Choose a Family Dentistry for the Entire Family

Rather than finding a specialty dentist for everyone in your family, why not take everyone to the same place? Nevada Sun Dental has a team of professionals with the experience to care for patients of all ages. As both children and adults require regular dental visits, there are numerous benefits you will find with the Henderson family dentistry services at Nevada Sun Dental.

Receive Many Different Types of Dental Services

Our family dentistry offers a number of services for any of your dental needs. Therefore, do not feel restricted to coming in twice a year for a cleaning. Some of the additional services you can receive in our office include:

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Gum disease treatment
  • White composite fillings
  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Root canal
  • Tooth extraction
  • Orthodontic procedures, including braces and Invisalign

Family dentists can be a one-stop-shop when you find the right place to go. Having received extensive training, the Henderson family dentistry, Nevada Sun Dental are able to work with people of all ages. They know what treatments to recommend people based on their ages, ensuring maximized ease of the procedure.

Schedule Appointments for Everyone With Ease

Biannual dental appointments must be scheduled for yourself, your spouse, your kids, and potentially even your parents. That is a lot of people to keep track of, and it can be a hassle when everyone has a different dentist to go to. With family dentistry, you only need to make one phone call, and at Nevada Sun Dental, we let our patients schedule appointments online making it that much easier.

Get a Personalized Approach

The main reason to look into finding dentistry for children in Henderson, NV is that many dentists do not know how to handle children. Many kids are afraid or stressed out about going to the dentist’s office, and dentists who typically tend to adults may not know how to handle that.

Our dentistry for children in Henderson, NV understands that all kids are different. Therefore, when you take your kids to a fun, caring family dentist like Nevada Sun Dental, you are showing your kids that dental appointments are not so scary after all. Over time, your kids will become more accustomed to the dentist’s office and will be more willing to go.

Enjoy Convenient and Flexible Hours

It seems weird that many dental offices only offer appointments during the times when everyone is busy. Fortunately, Nevada Sun Dental offers flexible hours to fit in your schedule better. On Mondays we are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., so you can bring your family over in the evening to get a thorough cleaning. We also offer appointments on Saturday if necessary.

Stop by Our Office at Your Earliest Convenience

Life has a way of piling a lot on to one’s plate. You do not have to make things harder on yourself by taking everyone to a different dentist. The professionals at Nevada Sun Dental are capable of treating patients of all ages. If you have any questions or comments, contact us today! Our team is looking forward to helping you next.

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